Colección para Little Miss Marmalade

Mi amiga Hollie me pidió una colección para los lectores de su blog Little Miss Marmalade.  Está en inglés, pero no es nada complicado.
Aquí comparto con ustedes el post que preparé, espero que les guste.

También estaré de invitada en Poofy Cheeks.  Mi amiga Kelsey organizó un "cookie swap" virtual, y me invitó.  Me encantó la idea y preparé unas galletitas con guayaba divinas, por aquello de darle el sabor latino a su blog.  Pueden visitar PoofyCheeks el jueves para que vean mi receta, y 10 recetas preparadas por otras 10 bloggers, todas fabulosas.

Pendientes para la colección de Navidad de este año, que publicaré la próxima semana.

So, here it is... enjoy! :)

I am so, so excited to be here at Little Miss Marmalade.
I met Hollie last Spring at a blogging conference, and she is such a lovely gal!

When she asked me to guest post here at Little Miss Marmalade I was so flattered.  Hollie is so creative and fun!

I'm very pleased to share with you a little Christmas printable collection.
Initially, I thought about doing something edgy and different.  But I just love red and green for Christmas.  And I adore polka dots. To me, polka dots are classic and timeless, yet fun!


This collection includes a fill-in invitation, a menu card, 4 party circles, a gift tag, and a mini bag topper.

What is Christmas without gift giving?  I made some mini bag toppers because I like to send treats to my kids' friends at school.  The bag I used is pretty small (3 by 5 1/8 inches).  I think this would also be fabulous as a sweet party favor.  It's very easy to use this topper.  Just cut the printables, score in half, and staple to the bag.  I stapled the back part of the topper and used some craft glue for the front, so that the staples wouldn't be visible.

If you're like me, your gift list is pretty long in Christmas!
I like to send treats to neighbors, teachers, and even the kids' doctors!
I included a full sheet with the dots pattern for you to use as you wish. For example, I cut a circle to decorate the lid of a mason jar, filled the jar with some yummy snickerdoodles, and tied the included gift tag.  I think it's a fabulous and cute way to share the holiday happiness!

You could also cut little flags to decorate glasses or milk bottles. Or write the names of your guests for a special touch.  If you are having a party at home, don't forget little details, like colorful straws, dinnerware, and even a doilie here and there.  Those things tie everything together!


So there you have it!  I hope you enjoy this little collection!
You can download it for free here.
Thanks so much to Hollie for inviting me to her awesome blog!

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